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The Story of Emma's Army

"Your daughter has cancer."

On March 12th, 2014, Malynda Jordahl, Emma's Army founder & President heard those four words.  Four words no parent should ever have to hear.
With help and support of a veritable army of friends and strangers coming together at various charity events, she and her daughter, Emma, were able to get through all the chemo and radiation treatments until, finally, in September 2014, Emma, then 6 years old, was told she was cancer free...or so they thought.  Christmas morning 2014, Emma woke up to pain and blood in her urine.  Alone, Emma and Malynda spent Christmas day in the Emergency Department, only to be told the cancer had returned and immediately checked back into the hospital.
In January 2015, Malynda, a single mom with no child support, lost her job due to having exceeded the amount of family leave and general allowed PTO. Once again the help and support of a large group of friends who had now become known as EMMA'S ARMY, helped by donating funds raised from multiple charity events to Malynda, allowing her to focus 100% on Emma for the next eight months, as Emma went through her second round of intensive chemo & radiation treatments.
There were many hsopital stays, ER visits and more, culminating with major surgery, which, in order to completely eliminate the rist of tumor regrowth, Emma's left kidney was removed, by the grace of God.  Finally, in August of 2015, the words everyone was waiting for, "Emma is cancer free!" were uttered.
Today, the status is the same, Emma is cancer free.  She will have to take care of the remaining kidney, but will be able to lead a normal childhood.
Because of all the generous help from people literally all over the world, Malynda feels very drawn to pay it forward. The Emma's Army Foundation is being formed so that help can be paid forward, to be able to help other families who have been affected by Childhood Cancner.  No one should have to feel alone when facing such seemingly insurmountable odds.
Emma's Army Foundation is being founded on the "Pay It Forward" principal.  By being there for others, and getting those who we've helped to help others as well, Emma's Army will continue to grow strong.
Our team is made up entirely of volunteers.  We advocate for those who need our help. Even a little help goes a long way.
We are especially happy to find new volunteers who have been through similar situations, who would enjoy paying it forward with helping other's who are in need. 
If you would like to support us by helping with our work, do not hesitate to contact us.  A helping hand is always greatly appreciated!
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